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How to Dress Your Windows to Maximum Effect

We get asked a lot about windows, how to dress them, how to maximise space, conserve heat, and at the same time ensure privacy without compromising light. Here are our top tips.

First off we always work with the style of the interior and house when recommending the best window treatment options. If you are looking for a more traditional approach and there is enough space in the window area I would always recommend full length curtains combined with a sheer curtain or blind, combined with a blackout blind (especially in bedrooms). This combination will enable you to maintain light levels without sacrificing privacy. For those wanting a clean multifunctional solution plantation shutters are a great 3 in 1 option. They can be pulled back to provide light, shut completely for blackout or semi shuttered for allowing light but maintaining privacy. They are also easy to clean. On the other hand they don’t work well in every window type and aren’t generally suitable for large window configurations.

Sheer curtains or blinds for the daytime allow a diffused light to enter the room. Sheers or voiles are semi sheer fabrics that allow light to penetrate. They can be very light, almost see through or they can be heavy enough only to see faint shadows through.

For the curtains, the best are lined and interlined which give a lovely rich feel and are great for conserving heat and providing acoustic qualities. Wool blended fabrics, silks or velvets for your curtains will give a glamorous look, whilst linens and cottons will be more relaxed and rustic in appearance.

Window headings are another big area of choice. The standard is a lathe and facia fitting on a rail, another railed heading that I use a lot is the ‘wave’ heading which has character but isn’t too traditional. There is also an increasing selection of poles to choose from, varying in style of from ultra contemporary Perspex to a more traditional carved wood. You can also dress your curtains with trims and tiebacks to add some additional character.

To create a strong window look using an experienced curtain maker and fitter is a great way to go, they can recommend solutions for tricky windows and offer choices of fabrics. If you are looking to approach the project yourself ready made curtain selections are getting increasingly better especially in the more neutral colours.