Bringing the Thoughtfulness of Fine Design to Every Space We Make

Our concept is simple: every client is individual, every project is unique, and every tenant deserves a world-class home.

Homes that Reward Work and Support Play

Our innovative space-expanding solutions and furnishings of unmatched quality make for lasting interiors, designed to serve long and happy tenancies with minimal wear and waste. Alongside Ireland’s new long-lease initiative we understand the human and environmental benefits of thinking long term.

Rather than cut corners to quickly provide short-term solutions with future consequences, we are dedicated to establishing the housing developments we outfit as the most respected multi-unit residencies in the world.

360° Sustainability

Playing the Long Game

In short, we are swiftly delivering slow interiors to help our developers mobilise to urgently meet Ireland’s needs. And we do this by partnering sustainably, sourcing our materials, finishes, and furnishings from suppliers we have long trusted and admired.

Our attention to detail is the difference between homes you work for and those that work for you - spaces that are easy to clean and maintain, proprietary bedroom furnishings that nurture sleep, and living areas that bring out the best in your dining, recreation, and rest

Our Brand

More than a Business

Behind our company is Sara Cosgrove, a designer and businesswoman with over 18 years of experience in the high-end property industry in both London and Dublin.

With her experience, ethics, and eye, Sara has built a team of partners, designers, and support staff who are passionate about her vision to create homes that give their dwellers the attention to our 4 F’s - the Form, Feel, Function, and Flow - that shape our choices.

So whether you seek to live in a Grove & Co property or borrow our ideas for your own living space, may we inspire you to live thoughtfully, sustainably, and prosperously, wherever you call home.

Because there’s no place like a Grove & Co home. We can’t wait to show you around!

The G&C Team


  • How do you approach a project?

    The concept behind Grove & Co is simple. Every client is individual, and every project is unique. We assist our clients in maximising the design potential of every project we work on. We do this by championing design, quality and commercial priorities alongside a true dedication to sustainability.

  • Where do you work?

    Currently we work in Ireland, the UK and throughout Europe.

  • Do you do one off private residential projects?

    Unfortunately not. Currently we are a business to business offer and only work directly with owners, investors and developers to deliver multi unit design and fit out projects.

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