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Creating The Perfect Show Home

Whether it is a 2-bed apartment or a beautiful family home, at Grove & Co we love designing show homes! It gives us “design creatives” the chance to explore beautiful concepts and designs that will provide individuality and most importantly add real value to the client and the development we are working on.

Take for example the typical “4-bedroom” family home. Designing this is so interesting as we must design it always with the potential purchaser in mind. It still needs to be individual however it needs appeal to all buyers and that’s the key. It give us the opportunity to explore and have fun with looking at children’s rooms or the challenge of designing a more calming and luxurious space for the grownups! (We love a challenge)

At Grove & Co we have a finely tuned design process that sees us working closely with developers and estate agents. We will always identify the target market, review the space and how it best works with the end user is mind. In regards inspiration? Well, as designers we get inspired by everything! However, we would always look at the location and its history as this can influence everything from furniture to paint colours. We always keep up to date on design trends, looking at what is relevant in the design world and ultimately implementing all of this in our final design.

Investing in the show home and seeing its value is so important to today’s market. It gives the potential buyer the opportunity to see what the space can look like but most importantly helps them visualise what the space would be like if they were to live there and how it would suit their needs or their tenants needs if it is to become a rental. It also really allows the developer to stand out from the crowd and establish themselves ahead of the competition.

When it comes to colour, our Show homes / apartments always have a strong theme and design direction that you can see throughout. Typically, there could be a light neutral on the main walls and a stronger colour on one feature wall in the Kitchen or Living space. As a neutral option, we love Slaked Lime by Little Green. For accent walls, we love Monet Deep from Fleetwood.

Finally, how do we bring it all together? We do this through bespoke curated additions such as artwork, accessories, soft furnishings, and greenery. This is what gives the space its identity, personality, and the stamp of a Grove & Co design.

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